KPFD Career Personnel

The Firefighters

We currently employ 24 full-time professional Firefighters. Our Firefighters are proud members of The International Association of Firefighters Local 3152. Not only do they serve this community with pride and compassion while on duty but they also support the community through various events and organizations.

In addition to their regular duties and responsibilities of being a Firefighter, they are cross trained as Emergency Medical Responders and are trained at an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Paramedic level of care. This allows us to run a Medic One Program here on the Key Peninsula to provide emergency care and transport of the sick and injured.

The Firefighters work 24 hour shifts and each shift is supposed to have the same compliment of staffing: 1 Battalion Chief, 1 Lieutenant, 4 Firefighter/Paramedics and 2 Firefighters/EMTs. Current budget shortfalls have forced the organization to not fill current vacancies.

Administrative Staff

The Administrative staff includes The Fire Chief, The Assistant Chief of Operations, An Administrative Manager, an Administrative Assistant, a Receptionist, a Facility Maintenance Lead and a part time Facilities/Grounds Assistant.